Our Product Benefits

The structural capability and performance characteristics of the AFS Logicwall, Ritek or Dincel Systems make them the superior solution for the construction of multi-level buildings. There are a number of key benefits to utilising these systems, including:

speed of construction - these systems are renowned for fast and simple construction, leading to time-efficient project completion. cost efficiencies – as the need for blockwork, rendering and plasterboard are reduced, major cost and time savings may be realised. In addition, there is minimal wastage on-site, resulting in a cleaner, safer workplace.

superior structural capacity - the thinner, high strength walls reduce the dead load on the structure as they act as deep beams and transfer walls. This enables traditional beams and columns to be eliminated and the thickness of the building’s floor slab to be reduced.

performance - the monolithic character of the system offers consistent, high acoustic ratings which are BCA compliant. The walls also offer excellent fire test results, lateral load resistance, and reduced wind and seismic load capacity.

quality - the system delivers a finished concrete wall lined, both sides with durable, fibre cement sheets. Providing accuracy in floor to floor wall alignment, resulting in straight and plumb walls.